Keeping you in control of your risks and your profitability

These days, driving can be very dangerous. And, very costly, too, both for driver and company.

65% of company vehicles every year, are involved in a road incident. That’s an extremely worrying statistic.

RoSPA said recently, that driving 25,000 miles a year on business, is now more dangerous than working in construction.

This is a compelling reason why companies need to take the necessary measures to ensure their drivers are fully trained and educated in the rules of the road.

Pinnacle Training Solutions

We are the UK’s market leader in driver training and we offer a comprehensive range of training solutions for companies with fleets of all sizes - and in all sectors.

We can help you reduce your accidents - and save you money on fuel costs, too.

Subsidised EcoDriving

EcoDriving is a driving style that is proven to lower accident rates, reduce fuel bills by up to 15% - and cut carbon emissions. The training programme is relevant to all drivers and the techniques taught are straightforward, but hugely effective.

The subsidised EcoDriving training scheme is subsidised by a grant from the Department of Transport, making it even more attractive.

Fleet Training

This popular training scheme will go a long way to ensure your company reduces its accidents while driving for work.

As you will know, the operating costs of a vehicle fleet is a major bottom line item for you. Effective driver training can reduce fleet costs by up to 20% in the first year - and the benefits continue from there.